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I first saw what they were proposing nearly three months ago. After a few days to let things settle I tried their service. Not with a brand new up to date photo (stated minimum of 2MP required) but with a scan of a near 40 year old image.

I am not suggesting that anyone should try to send a low quality image such as I used. It was rejected almost immediately by their first check, it was also rejected by a second check and then by a personal email. This was however all that was available for my nephew at that age. After much arm twisting they agreed to do their best. On the smaller images the picture looks good on the mid sized images okay but a little fuzzy on the larger ones but remember this was a scan of a print taken forty years ago and probably around one tenth of the required standard.

They require a 2MP image of a head and shoulders of the child looking straight at the camera, in the case of long hair in should not be obscuring the shoulders so behind the head is fine or tied back. The image should be taken outside and not feature other people. Sounds complicated but it isn’t really. Once your image is uploaded you crop to the part that is required - the head and shoulders. An automated process determines the suitability and then you move on.

There are currently three books that you can choose. Superkid, Popstar in two versions for a boy or girl and Dreamland (first called my little princess). Dreamland is a 36 page book. Popstar is a 40 page offering while Superkid is also 36 pages.

£24.95 buys you any of the books in hardback and £17.95 gets you a softcover version. There is a standard delivery charge of £5.95 however large or small your order is, payment can be made easily by credit or debit card.

The stated process time is two weeks although in my case it was three as the delivery for some reason took a week from despatch.

Once the photo is accepted you then can select a title and if you wish write a forward that will then be entered on page 3. Most importantly you must give the child’s first name as this will appear in several places in the book.

That’s about it you then enter the address details and payment type. After a few more checks that’s it. You can, should you wish, send the book to a different address ideal for grand parents or aunts and uncles etc. Ideal for relatives far away.

The age groups of the current books are definitely up to around 8 or so but the Popstar one might stretch to 10 years.

I was told of others to come such as football to go with several clubs and this might well suit an older child. Also another I was shown was for very young before they can read – even as a help to potty training – as the parent can read to the child, while the child will be able to recognise their own image, long before thet can read their name.

I suggest you look at the examples on the  website so give you an idea of the books content. Their site has a list of frequently asked questions.

As for my nephew I am sure he will not be too pleased, his parents however will probably be delighted with it.

Available from the website below for £17.95 or £24.95 depending on hard or soft cover, also remember the delivery charge but if you order more than one book then this does not change.

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