A Parrot with no food bills 

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This is quite a large parrot (larger than life size at 45cm) and it talks but in the time I have had him he has so far refuses to swear. It talks and moves but as yet he has not pooped, in fact all it’s habits are hygienic so a perfect pet.

Hasbro Squawkers McCaw parrot

This is a beautiful bird that loves being stroked it talks, sings and any child would love it. The one I was sent has blue wings, a yellow front, green top of it's head with a black and white face. The fur/feathers are really tactile and all in all this parrot is a 45cm joy. It comes with a perch but it can be easily removed to be held and it even has a biscuit to chew on.

A light sensor is built in and one of the games it likes is peek a boo where you cover it's eyes, it also blinks, in fact it is extremely lifelike but as yet it has defecated. It already has a vocabulary and even a song. It can answer you back. Luckily there are no swear words included. There is a small remote control and this allows you to program responses. Should you wish these could be &*[email protected]#~| but the child will pick up profanities quickly enough at school so let's keep it clean.

There is a small instruction book and most things seem to work without problem. I found getting it to increase it's vocabulary the hardest and to do this you need to part the Velcro on the centre seam of it's back to switch it to the correct mode. This to me is perhaps the weak point as it could encourage a young child to try the same with a real parrot and this could be disastrous as real parrots do not have a Velcro seam in their backs. Perhaps the parrots biscuit is not a great idea as the child may try to feed it real food. The instruction book does warn you not feed it anything but it's biscuit but children are not always that hot on reading instruction booklets.

The most important thing is the interaction and visitors immediately do interact once they get over the fear that it could be real - it does look very lifelike - and at it's size it could do you substantial damage if it was real.

It speaks and you naturally answer. With a young child it could even encourage them to talk. Parents of course with the very young would have to record the child's name so for instance 'where's Duane' could be in it's vocabulary. 

It does state for age 5-105 but with decent supervision I am sure younger children would love it. Now the actual items that are pre programmed it has six responses when you tell it a joke. Two responses when you first turn it on. If you rub it's beak it responds and it also has two different responses to rubbing it's back and another to scratching it's head. There are a further five pre programmed responses that I will leave you to find. It also has voice recognition of sorts with around 30 different replies.

Of course by using the remote you add phrases and also you can get a predicted response from the six 'A'-'F' keys once you have programmed them.

This is a great toy and with the exception of how you change mode (opening the Velcro to get to switches) and the possibility of a child trying to feed it real food my only proviso is that a real parrot may not always be as friendly.

To see a video of Squawkers McCaw go to it should soon be shown on the UK site

Doing my Internet searches could only find it on the furrealfriends site has it for $69.99 and if you could find it in the UK for less than £40 then tell me where. As I have a nasty suspicion it will be a £ for $ rate and with the dollar only worth 50p that is a crime.

As I do not know a UK price unless you can buy it in the USA (remember import duty and tax) I have not given a smiley value, if it was/is available in the UK for under £40 then I would certainly have considered a 5x5 award.

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Comment by Helper, Jul 16, 2009 2:50

Dear Mav,
I think your bird is squawking, not roaring. There must be a malfunction in the speaker, I would suggest take it back. If your new one sounds the same, I think you are mistaking the squawk for a roar.
Hope this helps and I know it's annoying to write that,

Comment by PeterJP, Jan 29, 2008 18:03

I think there must be a fault take it back and get it exchanged, certainly I had no roaring sound and no problems communicating with the remote. Just maybe try different batteries before you return it.

Comment by mav goodson, Jan 29, 2008 4:53

I have a parrot,but it has a roaring sound,and does not comunicate as well as I think it should. Does not respond to the remote on all things.could use some help.thanks,Mav   

Comment by julie miller, Dec 29, 2007 7:47

I am really impressed by this parrot I have too keep him out of the way from the cat I am in the process of teaching he is certainly amazing and I could not resist him I have alway,s been mad on animals of all descriptions and i am in my middle forties.

Comment by paul_smart, Dec 27, 2007 8:20

Now that price is almost what it should be, many thanks Margaret.

Comment by margaret, Dec 26, 2007 17:50

fabulous kept all xmas visitors laughing throughout the day. Bought at Tesco Superstore £40.00

Comment by Judi SWahn, Dec 20, 2007 22:31

I am sixty years old and bought this bird for my front desk at the Marina. It makes everyone laugh and smile as you never know what he is going to say. I named him KONA. He says welcome to ballena Isle Marina and then when you are just hanging around he will say, GET TO WORK!. we taught him all this but he is a blast. Recommend this bird!!!
Judi Swahn

Comment by jonw, Oct 17, 2007 22:34

I've noticed Amazon have lowered their price to £52.49 as well - which includes shipping. Woolworths have it on-line as well but you'll pay an addition £4.95 for delivery.

I agree about the US/UK price differential - it's pretty scandalous!

Amazon link : (incl. delivery)

Woolworths link : (+£4.95 deliver).


Comment by paul_smart, Oct 16, 2007 9:05

A better price - many thanks - but still way over the top considering it's $69.99 dollars yes there would be sales tax on that but around £40 would be nearer parity. Another case of soak the British.

Yes it is a lovely product and I am sure your son would love it.

Comment by Chris, Oct 15, 2007 20:23

It's in Woolworth's catalogue reduced to £52.49!
I might get one for my son as it looks quite real,

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