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While I have reviewed several nice small Penclic keyboards including the most recent the KB3 that only failed to get a ‘Highly Commended’ because of the price. Here I will be looking at the Mini Keyboard C2 and a first for me an external Trackpad the NiceTouch T2.

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Penclic Mini Keyboard C2

This is a 79 key keyboard, however the other minor keys are there but for some you need to press keys in tandem. However in return for this occasional inconvenience you get a smaller keyboard on your desk, this is only 28.5cm long and 15.5cm deep and at the front is only .5cm thick. At the back it is between 2.5 and 3.5cm dependant on if you use the tilt control lifts or not.

This is a USB keyboard and the 1.5metre hard wired lead emerges from the centre of the back to the left of this is an extra USB port and to its right two extra USB ports. One of which I will use with the NiceTouch T2 but any USB device can hang from them however do not expect USB3 speed from these ports as they are piggy backed off the C2 USB2 connection.

The alpha and numeric keys are full size with the remainder somewhat smaller. In comparison to a ‘normal’ small keyboard you save over 50% in width.

I was able – with care - to touch type on this keyboard but for anyone with limited desk space this inconvenience is minor, today a lot of people use a notebook at work and on the road while typing in the car is probably on the notebook and – for some – swearing at the trackpad because their fingers will not translate side to side movements made with a standard mouse correctly this of course used in combination with keyboard shortcuts leads to more profane language.

The Penclic Mini Keyboard C2 is available in matt black or white from Amazon for £45.99 with free delivery.

Penclic Nice Touch T2

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This is the first external Trackpad device I have used and together with the wheel on the device can make your movements far nearer to those made with a conventional mouse.

It is 28.5x12x.5cm the trackpad is 8.5x5cm and is mounted 8.5cm from the left, 10.5cm from the right, .5cm from the top and 6cm from the base.

Below the Trackpad are four push buttons for left mouse, right mouse, back click and on/off, the last mentioned brings a red (off) or green (on) LED to life to show power to the unit towards the top just to the left of where the short hard wired 20cm USB emerges from the back of the unit. To the left of this is a blue scroll wheel with an internal action button.

The box states it is designed to work with the C2 Keyboard above but it is useable with any keyboard and should the short 20cm USB not be long enough there is a 1.4metre USB extension lead supplied in the box.

As I also use a notebook I had no problem adjusting to using the Penclic Nice Touch T2 with my PC but to see both sides I know several people who hate Trackpads and it does take up more desk length than a mouse.

The Penclic Nice Touch T2 is available in matt black or white from Amazon for £45.99 with free delivery.

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