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Salter does not just makes scales, it also produces a gift set that includes a set of scales.

Salter Kitchen Scale TimerThermometer Gift Set
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With the numerous televised food programmes, especially the Great British Bake Off, food and its preparation has become a hot (no pun intended) topic.  Jumping on the bandwagon, Salter, part of the HoMedics family and the UK’s number one brand for domestic weighing scales, has released the Kitchen Gift Set.  This set comes with the claim of being ideal for the avid baker, whether of the Mary or Paul variety, and even those who are just beginning their culinary journey.

The Salter Kitchen Gift Set consists of three items with various pieces of documentation plus a pair of G13A+ RoHS Cell Button batteries.  The three items are made up of a set of scales, electronic thermometer and an electronic timer used at different stages during the cooking process.

Often the first item at the front of the queue to be used is the Curve Electronic Scale for weighing the ingredients of your culinary delights.  With a platform size of 23 x 19.5 x 1.5cm (H x W x D), the electronic scales has a soft curved top and a matte black covering which is reasonably easy to clean.  Positioned on the front edge of the scales is a 4cm LCD screen that is sandwiched between touch sensitive controls for on / off / zero on the right and a control for switching between different measuring units on the left.

With these scales you are able to measure and weigh liquids and solids.  Using the Unit option you can switch between grams and ounces when weighing solid ingredients and millilitres or fluid ounces for liquids with minimum / maximum measurements of 1g -5kg / ⅛oz-11lb / 1ml -5000ml / 8fl oz-175fl oz.  By using the Zero option you can ensure the presence of a mixing bowl is ignored during the weighing process or when weighing multiple ingredients that can be added individually in a continuous sequence.  The LCD display has its own backlight feature to ensure the displayed figures are easy to read.

Like the other two items making up this Kitchen Kit, the electronic scales are battery powered.  However unlike the other the two items, the scales’ batteries are already placed in position in a compartment in the base of the unit.  Two 3V CR2032 batteries provide the power.

Having carried out any necessary weighing issues, the next item from this set to come into play could be the Electronic Timer from the kit.  This G13A+ RoHS cell battery powered device has dimensions of 812 x 35 x 16mm (W x H x D).  Positioned on the front of the unit’s matte black body is an LCD screen (48 x 30mm) displaying timing information. 

Three rubberised buttons decorate the sides of the timer’s body.  On the top of the unit are buttons for setting the amount of time in minutes and seconds up to a maximum of 99 minutes 59 seconds.  A button on the right side can be used to Stop / Side the countdown.  At the conclusion of the countdown a beeper will sound.  Unfortunately the volume level was such that if you were not standing right next to the device, you would be unable to hear it even in a quiet room.  I struggled to detect the beeper sound despite running several tests with a brand new battery plus I was unable to find a method of increasing the volume level.  This electronic timer can either be attached magnetically to an appropriate surface or position it free-standing using a flip-out support.

The third element of this Kitchen Gift Set is a Read Electronic Thermometer.  This tool can be used to check on the internal temperature of products such as meat, jam and confectionary.  Mounted on a stainless steel 12cm probe is the battery powered 2cm display unit which shows the temperature in Centigrade.  A slider switch in the unit’s battery compartment can be used to switch to Fahrenheit units.

I was initially informed that this gift set was available from Argos priced at £40 but a quick search revealed that you can pick up the Salter Kitchen Gift Set for £24.99 from

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