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Yesterday in London GE launched a range of Digital Cameras. Here I will tell you about what this new entry into an already crowded market has to offer in the weeks and months to come.
GE A835 8.0 Mega pixel compact digital camera
GE E840 8.0 Mega pixel compact digital camera
GE E840 8.0 Mega pixel compact digital camera
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There are three distinct camera ranges I can surmise where the 'G' and 'E' got there names but am not sure about the 'A' but it is their entry level offerings that are powered by a couple of 'AA' batteries. The other two ranges have lithium batteries.

Quite uniquely all the cameras have the same manual, meaning that whichever one from whatever range you pick up all the basic controls are in the same place. Each unit comes with a getting started guide and a basic printed manual but this covers all the controls so for example you will never be unsure about how to change resolution.

A total of eight cameras were announced and most of them were on display. They are due to be launched over the next three months and where I have it, I will give the details. All cameras have the ability to record in MPEG4, face detection and Auto Brightness displays. Other features common to all the cameras are Aspheric glass lenses, Image Stabilisation, 14 scene modes, In Camera panorama stitching and red eye removal.

All the cameras parts -apart from the LCD and CCD - are made in a single factory. By default all cameras will be either black or silver but for anyone wanting a quantity any colour is possible to match say the companies colours as an example.

No firm prices were available but the 'A' range is likely to be £60 to £70, the 'E' range between £150 and £200 and the 'G' around £120, as I review the models I will by then have street prices. The numbering of the units denote their MP so something starting with an 8 is an 8MP offering.

All the range have either ISO1600 or ISO3200 image capture ability which of course is great in low light providing the unit can be held still.

There are two offerings in the entry level 'A' series the A735 and the A835, the first can take images up to 7MP and the last can take images up to 8MP, two 'AA' batteries power the units. There is some internal memory but as is the trend today images can be stored or optional SD cards. Both the 'A' units have 3x optical zoom.

GE E1050 - 10.1 Mega pixel compact digital camera
GE E1235 - 12.1 Mega pixel compact digital camera
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The next is the G2 this is an 8MP offering that has 4x optical zoom and is an 8MP offering with 2.7inch display and is also likely to be first unit available in the next couple of weeks.

This leaves the 'E' range and there are five offerings in this group. They range from 8 to 12MP and the first two should be available in February while the two versions of the E1050 will be in April and May.

The smallest of the E range mega pixel wise is the E840 and this has 4x optical zoom and a 2.7inch display.

Next is the E1035 10MP 3x optical zoom a 2.7inch display and a very thin 24mm body so very easy to slip in say a shirt pocket.

The E1050 is 10MP and has 5x optical zoom an even thinner 23.5mm body. However this is a widescreen unit and it also is stated to be the first camera that can be connected directly to a HD TV, I await the chance to review this with interest. The second version of this is also meant to have an ability to locate where an image is taken as this is the unit that will be launched in April it is also the one with least details available. However on my quick look it also seems to be the most exciting.

The E1235 is 12MP 3x optical has a 2.7inch display and 24mm slim body.

Currently the only available site is the US one where a range was launched last May however in the immediate future the 'X' unit shown there is not due to be launched in the UK. Also the cameras models shown there will vary slightly from those here.

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Comment by Cante, Dec 27, 2008 18:10

I got the a735 for Christmas and like it alot. It does use alot of batteries though. I think when it turns off its on power save because all you need to do is push any button and it comes on right where you were. The pictures are great.

Comment by Jeff, May 20, 2008 18:48

I bought the A735 about 5 days ago and Im about to take it back today because the thing turns on by itself for no reason and it shows dead battery sometimes even when I have new batteries in it (I have to turn it off and on again for it to show correctly). Im guessing I got a defective camera so Im gonna give it another shot with an exchange. we'll see what happens. It does seem to take good pics though. not bad for the money. It does consume batteries fast though, but most cameras that use AA's will do that. Buy another camera with a rechargeable battery pack if battery life is an issue for you.

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