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undefined rated 5 out of 10Find the Bicycle

896456 Shopping Clutter 17 Detective Agenc
When visiting Animalville, you can be sure there will be plenty of work for you. On this occasion you will need to track down a stolen bicycle.

Last Minute Gifts

896442 The Traitors Official BBC Card Gam
First a pair of cheese knives that are at home when together. Second a card game based on the BBC TV Series The Traitors. Neither are that heavy so will be easy for anyone to post.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Further StarL Action

896457 game StarL
Match 3 titles do seem to have a habit of developing into a series of offerings that follow a similar pattern with regards to their style of action. One instance of this trend can be seen with this next title under review..

undefined rated 5 out of 10The Queens are Back

896440 Cleaning Queens 2 Sparkling Palac
Whenever you relax, conditions can deteriate but do not worry as you can always call on the Cleaning Queens to help tidy the place.

undefined rated 7 out of 10Blue Chamber Mystery

896439 Living Legends The Blue Chambe
Can you solve the mystery of why a room with paintings is kept locked so that nobody can enter?

undefined rated 8 out of 10Panda Dome Premium

896425 Panda Dome Premiu
There are several versions of Panda ranging in price from Free to around £30 depending of what is covered, however if you have more than one PC extra PC's seem to be covered for only a few pounds extra when purchased direct from Panda. There are also options for more than a single year. Here I am looking at Panda Dome Premium.

undefined rated 6 out of 10Different Ways of Finding

896438 Game Just Find I
There are different ways of searching and this next title gives you a choice of four ways to carry out the task.

undefined rated 6 out of 10Home Security Camera

896434 YI Smart Security Camera, 1080p Wifi Home Indoor Camer
While working from home might mean you can provide your own security, when away you might need some assistance.

undefined rated 7 out of 10Repairing Spirit Damage

896430 Ancient Relics Egyp
They may have been dead for many centuries but the Pharaohs can still cause damage that you need to repair.

undefined rated 9 out of 10Withings Scan Watch 2

896424 WITHINGS ScanWatch 2 Heart Health Hybrid Smartwatc
This is far more than a Smart Watch it could perhaps with careful use save your life. The original Smart Watches had some health details, a Scan Watch goes further and now the Scan Watch 2 is more like a doctors surgery on your wrist.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Stop the Nilds

896431 Reflections of Life Spindle of Fat
When a weapon of destruction is broken up into parts, you must ensure it is not put back together.

undefined rated 6 out of 10It’s a Big Adventure

896419 Big Adventure Trip To Europe 5
Join a family of four as you visit various locations to increase your knowledge while practising your searching skills.

undefined rated 7 out of 10Laruaville 14

896418 Laruaville 1
Review : LGT SIA
Can you help the latest "departed" to construct the ideal environment for their "eternal rest"?

undefined rated 8 out of 10Monopoly Cardiff

896350 Winning Moves Cardiff Monopoly Board Gam
The original Monopoly is probably the most famous board game in the country, it was far from new even when I played it as a child. Based on the streets of London but how many of you know which is the only street south of the Thames? Here however is the chance to play a version based on the streets of Cardiff.

undefined rated 6 out of 10When Stars go Missing!

896417 Crossroad of Worlds Magic Star
With this next investigation into the Crossroad of Worlds, you need to discover who is turning off the lights.

undefined rated 6 out of 10Thailand and Cambodia Puzzles

896416 Puzzle Vacations Thailand and Cambodi
Tiny Little Lion offers another selection of images on which to base your Jigsaw and Swap puzzle activities.

undefined rated 7 out of 10The Last Resort

896415 Mystery Case Files The Last Resor
When the victims include a relative of the Royal Family, your investigation increases in importance.

Christmas or Christmas

896343 Cheatwell Christmas Express Gam
As Christmas draws ever closer here are two boxed game products that remind you of the fact every time you look at their boxes. First a box that contains eight games in the one box. Second a fun filled race to the North Pole and it does not get more Christmassy than a visit to the North Pole.

undefined rated 6 out of 10Nocturnarya

896414 Nocturnarya Collectors Editio
Review : Iki Games
Can you save the Vampire nation from total annihilation with this new Match 3 title from Iki Games.

undefined rated 7 out of 10Spooky Scenes Collection

896407 Super Spooky Subgame Spectacula
With 22 possible puzzle types and over 100 locations, you have plenty to select from with this next title.

undefined rated 7 out of 10A Halloween Story

896409 Halloween Stories Mark on the Bon
With its fair share of potions, spirit creatures and skeletons, this next title should make you feel completely at ease during Halloween.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Acer Chromebook Plus

896349 ACER 515 Chromeboo
A Chromebook is an alternative to a Windows PC if all you use it for is emails, scouring the web and suchlike. These days a Chromebook has anti virus built in so you are already saving money and you should be safe to trawl the net, but as always remember if the offer looks to too good to be true it almost certainly is and you will probably get bugs that you do not want.

undefined rated 5 out of 10Halloween Trouble

896408 Halloween Trouble
Can you work your way through a haunted manor in this Match 3 guided tour?

undefined rated 6 out of 10More Cats Aplenty

896353 1001 Jigsaw Cute Cats
Looking to practise your jigsaw solving skills then this collection of 500 cats could provide the incentive.

undefined rated 6 out of 10International Intrigue

896354 Dark City International Intrigu
When a Phoenix joins forces with Gargoyles, madness is bound to follow but can you cope?

Nostalgia & Family Quiz Night

896330 Cheatwell Games 9520 Nostalgia Trivia Board Gam
As Christmas draws even closer more games come in for review. Here I am looking at Nostalgia something that as an older person I have a lot of and this game reminds one of the past. The second offering is Family Quiz Nights and it has questions suitable for both children and adults.

undefined rated 5 out of 10Gray Tie 2

896355 Detective Agency Gray Tie
Once again Detective Amanda is given the run-around as she investigates the case of a stolen painting.

undefined rated 4 out of 10Bouncing Ball Action

896346 Bricks Crusher Breaker Bal
Do you yearn for the fast arcade action of yesteryear? If so then this next title might appeal.

undefined rated 6 out of 10Search and Solve

896348 Our Beautiful Earth
Pack your magnifying glass and puzzle solving skills as you embark on another journey to exotic places.

undefined rated 9 out of 10Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

896318 Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office 202
Very few pieces of software have been used by me for as many years as Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, these days it is more important than ever, earlier this year I told you about a hard drive that expired and a recent backup allowed full restore of everything in an afternoon onto a new SSD drive. Now just after the installation of this latest version another disaster the motherboard expired and while this required a new – second hand PC – the SSD meant I was back up and running quickly.