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undefined rated 5 out of 10Jam Transit Lite

869352 Jam Transit Bluetooth Headphone with Microphon
Having looked at a number of Jam Speakers in the past, it was time to try out a headset from the company.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Nikon L340

869368 Nikon Coolpix L340 Bridge Camer
Nikon have long been a good name in cameras both professional and even down to small amateur units. The Nikon L340 is such a beast available from some retailers for under £100.

undefined rated 5 out of 10A Patterned Speaker

869353 UE ROLL 2 Ultraportable Bluetooth Speake
Combining art with modern technology is a speaker from Ultimate Ears.

undefined rated 7 out of 10A Call for Heroes

869350 Game Age of Heroes The Beginnin
Your world is under threat from an evil force and it is up to you to defeat this force by completing Match-3 grids.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Devolo dLan 550 WiFi

869364 Devolo dLAN Powerline 550 Wi Fi Starter Ki
The main purpose of Wi-Fi extenders is to allow you to access your Wi-Fi signal in places that it does not comfortably reach. This kit does that but it can also give you an extra Ethernet port ideal for those devices that do not have Wi-Fi.

undefined rated 6 out of 10Tracking Down Property

869298 tile bluetooth tracke
Review : Tile tile
Now where are my car keys? I am sure I left them in a certain place but they are nowhere to be seen!

undefined rated 8 out of 10Amazon Fire

869218 kindle fire 7 inch android table
Tablet prices are falling which I am sure everyone knows. The £49 being asked by Amazon for their latest 7" Fire sets a new low price for what is a very powerful Android tablet. So what if anything is not included in this latest offering?

undefined rated 8 out of 10Bluetooth Speaker Jam Classic 2.0

869365 Jam Classic Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speake
Not a totally new item but an enhanced version and if anything it is a little smaller than previous versions I have seen. There are occasions when headphones or earbuds are unsuitable and for one reason or another full room speakers also so this small unit can then has its say.

undefined rated 9 out of 10Huawei Honor 5C Handset

869351 Huawei Honor 5 Android Mobile Phon
Review : Huawei Honor 5C
It was a rainy day in London as I made my way to find out more about the latest Honor handset.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Toshiba 3TB USB3 Drive

869362 Toshiba Canvio Connect II 3 TB External Hard Driv
Having recently told you about another USB3 external drive from Toshiba the Canvio Alu here I get to test the Canvio Connect II, the Alu had a metal body while this is a little smaller in size and lighter in weight yet the capacity of the unit supplied is 50% greater.

undefined rated 8 out of 10A Folding Plug

869301 mu duo ush adapto
Standard power plugs can tend to be a little on the bulky side which made Min-Kyo Choi stop and think.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Haunted Hotel Exploration

869300 haunted hotel eclips
Time to put away any fears of monsters to one side as you enter a hotel chosen as the location for a battle to decide who takes control of Earth.

undefined rated 8 out of 10The Tile App Finds Things

869219 Tile Gen 2 Phone Finde
I put a pair of glasses down around five months ago, they are still hiding from me, if they had this little item attached to them that could not have happened. In fact you can attach the Tile to anything that has a way for you to attach.

undefined rated 9 out of 10Fire Tablet

869299 amazon fire android table
Like many companies, Amazon holds a Christmas in July event for journalists in order to promote products such as the Fire Tablet forming the basis for this review.

undefined rated 9 out of 10Salter Kitchen Gift Set

869105 Salter Kitchen Scale TimerThermometer Gift Se
The Salter Kitchen Gift Set contains the digital tools -- scales, timer and thermometer -- needed to assist a cook to obtain consistent results

Philips Shavers for ‘below the neck’

869217 Philips SatinShave BRL170 Wet and Dry Prestige Electric Ladyshave
The men’s bathroom at a Philips Xmas In July event was where I saw a range of shavers and toothbrushes from Philips, the demonstrator called the first of these offerings for areas below the neck, while I was also presented with a ladies offering I never did find the ladies bathroom.

Microwave Cookware

869215 Lakeland Oval Silicone Microwave Casserol
Here I am looking at two different brands of microwave cookware and both can be purchased from Lakeland. First from their own brand a casserole dish and second an egg poacherOVO- from the Lekue range of microwave cookware.

undefined rated 8 out of 10BT Smart Hub

869255 bt smarthub 201
A trip to the BT Tower in Central London was the occasion to attend the launch of a new Wi-Fi product.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Panasonic Headphones from reichelt

869216 Panasonic RP HXS200 A Sound Rush On Ear Headphones RPHXS20
The claim from reichelt is that they sell up to ‘20% cheaper than others’ in the case of this item I see they sell it for £15 and I found another outlet at £24.80 so they certainly exceeded their claim by some way with this item manufactured by Panasonic.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Wilko stainless steel milk pan

869129 Wilko Milkpan Stainless Stee
The Wilko milk pan will be appreciated by those who like hot milk on their breakfast cereal or a hot milky drink at bedtime.

undefined rated 7 out of 10Extending Wi-Fi Range

869254 NETGEAR EX3800 100UKS AC750 Mbps 11AC Dual Ban
Adding to its portfolio of Wi-Fi extenders, NERGEAR has released a new model.

undefined rated 9 out of 10Defeating the Shade

869253 Otherworld Shades of Fall Platinum Editio
Taking you on a trip into a magical land is a game that requires you to use the power of Sight to reveal important surroundings.

undefined rated 8 out of 10HP Deskjet 3720

869213 HP DeskJet 3720 inkjet printe
This is said to be the world’s smallest A4 All In One unit, being small you lose the option to have a flatbed scanner as that would increase the size but the sheet fed scanner works well and the unit is ideal to use remotely with a mobile phone.

undefined rated 9 out of 10Designer Pro X365

869252 Xara designer pro x36
Adding to its portfolio of graphics products, Xara has released its Designer Pro X365 offering. This product brings together elements of vector illustrations, photo editing, page layout and web design within a single WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) package.

undefined rated 7 out of 10Garmin Drive Assist 50

869212 Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT Satellite Navigation DASH CA
Having recently told you about a rather good Road Cam from another manufacturer I was offered the chance to review this top of the range unit that is both a Sat Nav and Road Cam in the one package, so is the extra expense worth it?

undefined rated 8 out of 10Texet Optical Mouse from Wilko

869065 texec 3d scroll mous
A simple device and when your mouse of a long time starts to move of its own accord you think it must be me, eventually I plugged in a spare – even older – unit and that quickly showed the same symptoms so a visit to my local Wilko had me spending £2.50 on a new one, and this – so far – behaves correctly.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Hand Held Audio Recorder

869140 Olympus LS P1 4 GB Hi Resolution Audio Recorde
Review : Olympus LS-P1
The latest Olympus product allows you to record your audio memories.

undefined rated 8 out of 10Freecom mHDD Slim mobile hard drive

869147 Freecom 56369 mHDD Slim HD
The Freecom mHDD Slim is a portable hard disc to complement the latest high performance PC or Mac laptops

undefined rated 8 out of 10Huewei P9 Plus

869211 Huawei P9 Plus android smartphone
The P9 is an excellent camera and phone, look back and you will find two reviews of it on this site, however launched at the same time – but not immediately available - is the P9 Plus which was stated to cost £100 more so what exactly does the extra get you.

undefined rated 9 out of 10Garmin Driving Assistance

869139 Garmin DriveAssist 50 Satellite Navigatio
When taking a drive you can call on assistance from Garmin with products such as its Drive Assist 50 product.