May 25, 2008

Appliance Parts Direct Problem 

Has anyone had problems buying from Appliance Parts Direct, Coventry and Ireland? They sell microwave, vacuume, fridge and freezer parts. They sent the wrong item.
The will not reply to my emails?


I placed an order with this company and they sent a cheaper part but charged for the higher priced part I ordered.  They do not answer thier phones or reply to emails.  I would be very suspicious of this company.
Comment by Tim Lewis - Aug 4, 2008 4:46
I have just spoken again to Mr Sunderland who was just checking to see if I had received my full refund. He assures me that the problems with the online ordering have now been solved and that he would suggest ordering by this method and not by phone as I suggested previously. Despite my initial concern, I genuinely believe that my order was unfortunately involved in an IT 'black hole' and I would consider using the company again confident in the knowledge that if there were any problems I could speak on the phone to someone who could deal with any issues. Well done Mr Sunderland for eventually providing a first class customer service.
Comment by nbrewitt - June 27, 2008 17:56
Success, I was contacted on the telephone personally by Sean Sunderland, the owner of the Company. He apologised profusely for not replying to my letters or emails, it seems that they have been let down by the company running their website resulting in messages not being forwarded etc. I have now received a full refund and I would suggest that it might be a good idea to place orders by phone to avoid any complications. 
Comment by Nigel Brewitt - June 26, 2008 19:55
Breaking News!  I've just this morning received my letter back via Royal Mail from the Company's Coventry address as shown on their web site with the note 'addresse unknown'
Does this company actually still exist? I plan to consult Companies House soon to find out the current situation.
Comment by Nigel Brewitt - June 22, 2008 9:58
Just to give you the background. I initially ordered a part in late March and my Credit Card was debited accordingly. After my part had not been delivered a couple of weeks later I contacted the company by email and to be fair I received a swift response from Anna Gherine stating that their supplier had changed the part number and she would send the correct part immediately. I have since heard nothing from the company despite sending numerous letters and emails. Although the amount involved is not large I have asked my Credit Card company to investigate for non-delivery of goods.
Comment by nbrewitt - June 19, 2008 21:07
hmmmmm - could you let us know how you know Anna Gherine is an employee? What's your experience with the company? Disgruntled customer with a story to tell? Disgruntled former (or current!) emplyee - again with a story to tell? Seems a little unfair to just slate a company and give no background - do tell all!
(disclaimer - I've never dealt with them - never been a costomer of them - never been an employee of them - and before reading this blog never heard of them!)
Comment by Interested observer - June 17, 2008 22:30
Please be very wary when dealing with this company, their customer service is very poor, also be aware that the the comment on May 29 from Anna Gherine is false. She is actually an employee and attempting to give a favourable impression of the company. I have made my credit card company and trading standards aware of non delivery of goods.
Comment by Nigel Brewitt - June 17, 2008 22:16
Thank you for your feedback, there seems to be a very mixed reaction. There are some positive comments posted here, but quite a few people have said to me that Appliance Parts Direct ignored them as well when they received the worng parts, or received nothing at all.
I know that Appliance Parts Direct did get at least some of my messages for certain, as they made a brief reply, only saying "did you order the right part" and then ignored my reply and all other enquires. I also sent a letter by recorded delivery - which they ignored.
My credit card company have investigated, and Appliance Parts Direct made no attempt to resolve the issue or reply to me then either. So my credit card company have made a refund to me.  
Thank you to the Editor of Gadget Speak, who offered to investigate for me.
Comment by Busby42 - June 7, 2008 13:32
I bought a few different products from Appliance Parts Direct and found their service excellent, I even called them to say as much.  Will be recommending them to my family and friends.
Comment by Sandra Hennessy - June 3, 2008 8:59

Copy of a recent email to I have sent to Appliance Parts Direct

Thank you for the refund.

I can only say that I wish that I had a response a lot quicker as it has put me off using your company again.

It does cost a lot to return £7.81 as you have to return to Tipperary.

It would have cost me over £11 to return it recorded delivery.

I cannot fault you if there are no problems as I have used you in the past but customer service seems to be a bit lacking if there are ; I had to make two phone calls. The first I was told I would have a return call within an hour but there was nothing not even an email to say what was happening. My second phone did result in an immediate reaction but I don't know if this was because I had mentioned that I had seen negative feedback from another customer on "Gadget Speak". I also had sent two emails but no response at all.

As I have said I am disappointed that I had to wait until 29 May after I had returned the item on 2 May and had to be the one to push for a refund and had no confirmation that you had received the item back.

Comment by Melanie Low - June 1, 2008 14:34
I ordered a grill pan handle for my parkinson cowan cooker. Brilliant delivery, arrived within a week of ordering. Unfortunately, the handle I ordered didn't fit my cooker and I didn't need a replacement but Appliance Parts Direct dealt with my returns and credited my card straight away with no delay. Would recommend them and definitely use them again in the future if I needed to.
Comment by Catherine Harper - May 30, 2008 10:11
I also have had a good experience with Appliance Parts Direct.The assistant was very polite and immediately told me what part I needed for my washing machine. The parts I needed arrived very quickly. Sometimes their phonelines are busy but you will get through.
Comment by Laura Donlton - May 29, 2008 13:16
I ordered parts for my mam's cooker that I couldn't get anywhere else. They were genuinely helpful. Parts arrived on time. I would recommend Appliance Parts Direct without hesitation.
Comment by Emma Sutcliffe - May 29, 2008 12:46
Appliance Parts Direct pride themselves on delivering a quality service. I do know they've been upgrading their website recently. Maybe this has disrupted the service. Some of my friends recently got parts from them. They were pleased with their purchases.
Comment by - May 29, 2008 12:21
Can you contact me, please? Phone 0870 0673646
Comment by Sean Sunderland - May 29, 2008 8:19
I also sent a letter by recorded delivery, and thy have totally ignored that too!
They seem to have a terrible idea of customer service, I am worried that they have my credit card details.
Please be very careful about using Appliance Parts Direct for electrical parts
Comment by busby42 - May 25, 2008 9:38

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