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apple airport express t

Apple Airport Express

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple on Jan 21, 2007
Apple Airport Express...wireless music client. Be patient, very patient. Worth the effort though.
Image courtesy of Apple I was recently planning a 50th birthday party do for my wife, and part of the evening was a disco. I had put together a playlist of dance tracks on my Windows powered PC using iTunes 7, the music management software that comes with the iPod (itunes review published 7/1/07), but wanted to stream the playlist to my 5.1 set up in the disco room without having my laptop on display and wired into the stereo.

iChord from The Chord Company

Published in Entertainment on Jan 14, 2007
Don't stick with supplied cables, get the most from your audio source and upgrade.
Like anybody who knows anything about getting the best from their equipment I learn't a long time ago that cost cutting in the cable and wiring dept will cost you in terms of sound reproduction. The long held mantra is to spend at least 10% of your kits value on cables, I would go even further and say 15%; even the most modest of systems will benefit from speaker wire and interconnect cable upgrades.
Apples much maligned music management system...worth a look?
Over the last few years I have owned a few different digital audio players (DAP) , ranging from Rio, Sony and most recently Apples iPod. Manufacturers usually supply music management software (MMS) with their players, or the player acts as a mass storage device and works with Windows Media; so whatever player you choose it is a given that you must become fully conversant with the software supplied.

Grado SR60 headphones

Published in Entertainment on Dec 30, 2006
Grado SR60 the sounds, but what about the look!!!!
Over the years I have amassed quite a collection of headphones, some which do their job very well and others not so well. I am just a sucker for getting the best I can from my various music sources, and it has cost me much coinage. I recently bought two new sets of phones, a set of and a pair of Grado SR60's.
shure e2c headphon

Shure E2 in ear headphones

Published in Entertainment on Dec 30, 2006
Shure E2 headphones (long term test)....get close and personal in your listening experience.
If you have then you will know that I have not spared any hard earned pennies in my search for the best personal listening experience my meagre wages will allow. read my article on the Grado SR60 headphones I have had the run in (40 hours), Shure have a similar reputation to Grado in that they only manufacture quality merchandise, so you will not be disappointed whichever model you go for.
A universal docking station for all iPod models (except Shuffle)
I suppose you could say that I have been bitten by the iPod bug of late and have been trying and buying all manner of iPod accessories. My latest two aquisitions have been made in an effort to make the most of my MP3 collection by linking the iPod to my two home hifi setups.
kensington stereodock ipod playe

Kensington Stereo Dock for iPod.

Published in Entertainment on Dec 22, 2006
A cheaper and little less intrusive than other docks.
If you read my , you will no doubt be wondering what the alternatives to having a substantial unit sitting by your stereo are. review of the "iwantit" IW300 iPod docking station The grandly named "Kensington" dock for iPods could be the answer. The "Kenny" again comes only in white and could be described as minimalist, but no less effective. I use it in my living room where it sits unassumingly next to my Sky+ box and does not take up much space.
Play your ipod through your car radio via an FM channel. Still illegal in this country. But only just.
I recently took delivery of a beautiful shiny white 30GB Apple ipod and was anxious to use it to it's full potential, which of course mean't playing it whilst out driving. I had run my last MP3 player via a cassette adaptor, but was determined to make the ipod in car experience as wireless as possible. Skimming through the internet for solutions brought up the Griffin ITrip FM transmitter.
Use any MP3 player in your car via an FM channel. Illegal (just) but worth doing.
So the search went on for the ultimate ipod incar experience, you may have read my earlier on this site and how I was non too impressed with it's performance. Well my search took me to Maplins electronics store in my home town where I spoke to a staff member about my mission to find an FM transmitter for the ipod that retained clarity and reduced background hum.
Ultra Thin MXT Flat Panel Technology speakers for laptops, MP3 players and anything with a standard headphone socket.
Over the years I have owned various sets of portable speakers for walkmans, Minidisc players and MP3 players but now I was looking for a small, but powerful speaker package for my new laptop. I needed something that would fit nicely into a laptop bag, look the part (important for me) and of course, and most importantly, sound OK.


Published in Entertainment on Oct 1, 2005
A 17" LCD widescreen TV with built in DVD player for £329.00. Sounds too good to be true???
I was on he lookout for a smaller TV for my office having had enough of my bulky old CRT which took up far too much room. I had decided that LCD was the way to go and the maximum size screen I would go for would 17 inches. With funds a little tight the most I wanted to pay was £400 so when I saw the DMTECH TV with a built in DVD player for sale in a local high street store for £329 it looked the real deal.