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Don't expect there to be very many reviews in this list - our reviews are written by our members, real users of the products they are reviewing. How many of your gadgets are perfect?

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Products that just missed a 5x5 award.

Acer AL2021 Panel

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 21 Dec 2005
Just six months ago I attached this unit to my main work PC, it is normally in use for around ten hours a day. It has also done stints on other systems and even connected to notebooks.

The Idaptor

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on 17 Oct 2005
This is certainly the best Freeview adapter I have used, it is also the smallest, the easiest to setup and probably one of the cheapest, if case you are unsure I liked it.
    Unbelievably it is only a maximum of 8x7x2cm and it fits into the SCART socket on the back of your TV. It simply is an enlarged SCART plug, it comes with a power adapter and a small IR adapter so you can change channels from your armchair with the supplied remote. Definitely a product where the parts are bigger than the whole.

HP PSC 1610

Published in Printers/Scanners by paul_smart on 22 June 2005
Multi Function Machines are getting smaller and neater, they now occupy a footprint smaller than an inkjet printer took not that long ago. Sometimes as here they are called All In Ones.
No tape involved you can record to DVD – either R or RW - or to the built in hard disc certainly a vast improvement on the quality associated with VHS tape.
Without - hopefully - giving to much away, this to me is an "object of desire" I first saw a pre production unit last summer and I am told I have looked at the first one in the UK. You can see it for yourself during the next three weeks or so on the Abrocour stand at the Ideal Home Show.
We all like a bargain especially at this time of year and this one sounded so good I checked the price twice and they even offer free delivery.

Skype Is FREE

Published in Phones by paul_smart on 22 Oct 2004
Last November I discovered Skype at version 0.97, it worked well but as with the 'Chicken and the Egg' problem not all that many users. This week Skype for the first time notched one million concurrent users.
Version 1 launched in the early summer and I now spend more time on Skype for no cost than I do using the phone. All you need is the free Skype software, download time from around one minute. Probably another minute to complete the installation and maybe as long to create a basic profile. To run Skype on a PC you need a microphone and some speakers.


Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 13 Oct 2004
This product came along at a very opportune time as a new version of my ‘current’ anti spam package had just brought out a new version, for me anyway it turned out to be unusable.
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