Sep 2, 2007

First months competition : iPod Shuffle 

August was a great month - it was good to see lots of existing members returning to the site along with a good number of new members. Once the weekend is out of the way we'll draw the winner for iPod Shuffle.

Unfortunately a few people who signed up were not entered into the competition because they didn't enter their required details in their profile!. Of course they may not have wanted to enter - so that's OK. If you want to be entered into the next draw please make sure you enter your name and phone number in your account details and ensure that you're receiving our email updates. The details you enter are only visible to us unless you decide to make them public, and we don't give any of our members details to other people unless we ask first.

We have another prize draw this month - we haven't decided what the prize is going to be yet. It'll be a surprise! Please do bear in mind the points above though if you want to take part!


well this looks like an interesting site! will be worth future visits....
Comment by darren longthorne - Sep 30, 2007 21:09
what a great website, very colourful and so informative
Comment by pamela hamby - Sep 29, 2007 16:39
Great site and fantastic concept. Keep up the brilliant work to everyone involved
Comment by Carz - Sep 28, 2007 21:08
Here's hoping
Comment by kensitt - Sep 28, 2007 10:14
Excellent Website Will DEFINATELY be back.........
Comment by steviet42 - Sep 27, 2007 17:06
Hey there everybody.  What a wonderful site.  I'm so happy I stumbled across it.  So much useful and unbiased information.  Thank you!
Comment by silverbird - Sep 23, 2007 15:18
Great website.  Definitely will be back.
Comment by Cthrndi - Sep 19, 2007 9:26

Thank's to everyone for their comments - they really are appreciated.

If any of you have ideas for things you'd like to see, or that would encourage you to come back more often then please do shout up!

Comment by editor - Sep 18, 2007 23:15
one fantastic cool website,i just love it.
Comment by emmajane29 - Sep 17, 2007 15:26
Great website will be back again . Have enjoyed alot
Comment by pam hubbard - Sep 11, 2007 21:53
Hello everybody.
Comment by HARRY666 - Sep 11, 2007 17:45
Hello to everyone
Comment by BLAGGER - Sep 10, 2007 18:47
Comment by Philip Bowell - Sep 9, 2007 20:19
what a great website! great for all things gadget!
Comment by clare allen - Sep 6, 2007 20:20
love the update on things like the ps3 and the nintendo ii. its good to be reading bout these things as we dont seem to hear enough about them thanks
Comment by glaswegian - Sep 5, 2007 12:12

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