11 May 2007

Pinnacle Studio 11 Delivery 

I am confused! (Not a rare sutuation) I ordered an update for my Video Editing software Studio 10.7 to upgrade it to the, just released, Studio 11 Ultimate. Now I know that the software is on back order but, two days ago, I received an e-mail saying that the part of the upgrade to take me from Studio 11 Plus to Studio 11 Ultimate, was on its way. Great!. I then received an e-mail saying that it was not. OH! So I tried to contact the company to see what was happening. I received this reply:-
 If you received an email message stating that your pre-order is on
backorder after the order was placed, we apologize. The order that was
placed is a pre-order for this product. Your order will be fulfilled
when we receive the product. Rest assured that we will not charge your
credit card until the product is released and ships. 
Our warehouse will be receiving a shipment of this product when it is
released, and will be fulfilling orders upon arrival. You will receive
an email notification when your order is actually shipped (unless you
are notified otherwise). 
Am I any the wiser? I'm not sure. (Answers on a postcard please)
Since then, it has not got much better. I have been told that the software, that was not coming, is now on its way. However the package that will lift me from Studio 10.7 to Studio 11 is still on back order.
Has anyone else had difficulty with the Pinnacle ordering system? I think they use a distributor called Digitalriver to post out the software but, as yet, I can't find a method to track my order.
Can anyone help?


The final gasp of the saga of the software. After claiming that their system had delivered all my software, Digital River refunded my money!
A kind manager at Pinnacle sent me a copy of Studio Ultimate and  I thought the saga was over. The next day the missing software turned up. 'Nuf said!!
Comment by Terfyn - 19 June 2007 7:53
It is now the 5th June. I received the CD that, and I quote, "Upgrades from Studio Plus version 11 to Studio Ultimate version 11" Does it work - NO!!! I need the CD to upgrade me from Studio10 to Studio 11. I am still waiting for that CD with NO promise of a delivery date.
Comment by Terfyn - 5 June 2007 13:07
The phone number for Pinnacle orders is 877-694-8510. I called and gave them my order number for Studio 11 Ultimate. After about 20 minutes on hold all they could tell me that the software is back ordered and they do noy know when they will ship.
Comment by Bill Schmitt - 29 May 2007 20:32
Studio Plus v11 should download AVCHD direct to the USB 2.0 port. They claim that can be done now. Creating Blue-ray disks is not available without a software update (according to the Studio 11 writeup)
Pinnacle do have a reasonable FAQ section. If you put your questions to them, they give an answer in 2-3 days.
Hope this helps.
Comment by Terfyn - 21 May 2007 4:26
I think you need a IEEE-1394 (FireWire) port and a connecting cable to to download digital video from a camera directly.
For an analogue camera, a connection into a composite or S-video connector for picture and audio into the audio ports, is acceptable.
You can also make a DVD of the raw footage and down load using the Import DVD titles command.
The first (FireWire) method is the best for digital video as it gives complete control over the camera, will set up the scenes or shots automatically and produce your Album to edit for a final video.
You may be able to download a Panasonic driver for your computer from the Panasonic web site. It is not clear from the Instruction Manual (Studio 10.7) if a dedicated driver is needed
Comment by Terfyn - 20 May 2007 17:33
pinnacle said usb cable and a software(udf may be is required) to capture from AVCHD CAMCORDER. well,i am using panasonic HDC DX! camera and no software come with it.
My concern is whether pinnacle has actually tested their new studio ultimate software with that brand.
It is a DVD video camera.although,it came with USB cable and it has pc connection switch on it.
do i need to connect the camcorder in order for to capture from the camera or i should i finalise the DVD and put it in my optical drive and use the studio to import it from drive?like i said it doesnt come with software but it might be a firmware camera that has ROM chip inside.
Comment by ayodele daramola - 15 May 2007 22:48
I am sure this is very annoying but the shear double nothingness of their words made me laugh. No doubt when it does arrive there will be sixty pages of bumph to say do not give it childeren to eat and other such nonsence but if you very lucky the manual will be in .PDF so of course nothing to read in the loo.
Comment by paul_smart - 11 May 2007 11:35

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