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Intempo MODE

A sleek and slim DAB and FM radio with Auxiliary input. It is black with a two line display top right and various touch controls below it, the other controls are on the right side of the unit. It is ideal for a bedside table.
It is 31x15x4cm. There are two swivel feet that can increase the last figure the width by up to another 6cm dependant on the amount of swivel. The rear of the unit has DC input and the 3.5mm jack socket beside it, on the top left of unit is a six piece (42cm) rod aerial that gave good reception wherever I used it including my office that on occasion is not that good on DAB reception especially with units that use wire aerials rather than the rod type that to me always seem superior.
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Intempo Perform

So many peoples music collection now resides on large capacity iPods that for many a decent speaker system for their iPod replaces the traditional audio stack system to play both CD’s and Records as well as the old radio.
This is the first such unit that I have used that your iPod can be either inside or outside the casing of the actual unit. The Intempo Perform measures 35x14x16cm (when the iPod is inside). The rear has sockets for an auxilery input as well as the DC input and the hard wired wire aerial. The top left side has the on/off switch. The right of the top has almost all the controls in an indent and this indent is also a storage space for the 21 button remote control, a novel idea.
A small, lightweight, portable iPod docking station aimed at those that want a robust home dock that's also capable of battery powered use on the move.
The Intempo IDS-01 is available in black, silver and pink - I have the silver version here to test. The unit measures 240 x 120 x 90mm (WxHxD) and weighs a light 600g. Taking a traditional layout, the iDS-01 positions the iPod dock between the pair of stereo speakers. It's compatible with all the standard docking iPods, only excluding the Shuffle.
A small set of stereo speakers for iPod owners that produce good sound from a compact package and at a reasonable price.
Intempo produce a range of iPod speaker systems, along with a varied range of other audio products. The IDS-05 is a mid-sized unit at 23x13x9cm (width x height x depth). Sound is produced by combination of three speakers - two stereo 3W, 2" mid-range speakers to the front and a single, centrally mounted 9W, 3" sub-woofer to the rear. The speakers are not covered with any protective grill.
For those that like DAB radio and looking for something more comparable in size to a classic portable analogue FM radio may like to take a look at this product from Intempo.
The Intempo TRS-01 is available in five colours : black, violet, claret, grey and blue - in a compact 205x38x105 mm (WxDxH) package weighing only 40g (excluding batteries). The unit is delivered with a mains 6V 800mA rats-lead power supply and can also be powered by battery. All the controls except volume are provided on the front surface - which also includes an illuminated LCD display. Reception is via a 60cm, six element telescopic aerial.