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SandDisk Wireless Flash Drive

Wireless Flash Drive

“There is more than one way to skin a” – the reason for my not completing this saying is that I am currently being stared at by a bundle of fur busily sharpening his claws just waiting to see whether I dare or not. While torn jeans might be fashionable elsewhere, it does not include my current abode and also I am somewhat attached to the unblemished state of my legs to risk coming into contact with those claws. However I still wish to make the point that there is often more than one way to achieve an aim. In this case the aim is a method of allowing a smartphone or tablet to access content stored on an external device.

Previously I have looked at a direct physical connection using OTG (On the Go) USB linking.  This method is fine if your mobile device supports the technology but not all such devices do so.  SanDisk, with its expertise in the development of memory devices, has produced a solution that takes a different route.