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Belkin TuneFM for iPod

Belkin TuneFM for iPod

December 2006 saw the legalisation of low-power FM transmitters for personal use in the UK. As so often happens these days outdated law was simply catching up with commercial reality. Already on the market were several FM transmitters explicitly aimed for personal use to beam music from MP3 players into the cars hi-fi system.

Since the change in law the number of products in this space has blossomed. Here we take a look at a very small transmitter from Belkin called 'TuneFM for iPod'. The package it comes in is completely out of proportion to the product itself. Open the package you find a cardboard mock up of an iPod and right down the bottom the FM transmitter which attaches to the iPod dock connector. The body of the transmitter is around 60x25x11mm in size.