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Luxa2 TX-200 Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Luxa2 TX-200 Qi Wireless Charging Pad

I first came across wireless charging for mobile phones about four years ago. The device was called the Powermat, and it worked with my BlackBerry Pearl. Unfortunately the phone had to have a bulky new back attached for this to work, making the phone too thick to fit into its nice leather case. Times have changed. A few of today's phones come with wireless charging already enabled; others, like my Galaxy Note 3, have internal connections already in place to accept a wireless charging receiver as an after-market add-on. These can either come as an external protective case, or as a paper-thin internal attachment that fits under the existing removable back and adds hardly anything to the overall bulk of the phone.

The internally attached wireless receiver supplied by Luxa2 for this review is skimpy enough to allow the Galaxy Note 3's flexible back to be reattached, giving this otherwise straight-backed phone a barely perceptible curve. Fitting the receiver was a cinch, the electrical hookup being only a pressure connection between a set of three contacts, with a sticky adhesive strip to hold the new addition in place until you replace the back.