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Sennheiser’s PC11 headset travels well

Sennheiser’s PC11 headset travels well

The Sennheiser PC11 is a lightweight single-sided, over the ear, headset that, unlike conventional headsets, one can put on and taken off with one hand. Consequently, it is very convenient to use -- especially for road warriors who will also appreciate its small size and weight. After all they often make use of Internet telephony services such as Skype when travelling in the UK and abroad.

Weighing just 31gm, including the 2m cable and ear hook (hooks provided for both left and right ears), it slips easily into one’s laptop bag and so is available whenever needed. It only takes a moment to unwind (and possibly untangle) the cable and plug it in to the computer’s 3.5mm audio In and Out sockets. Then, although it seems strange at first, one soon develops the knack of hooking the headset on one’s ear and adjusting the microphone boom into a suitable position.