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Doro’s MemoryPlus key finder

Doro’s MemoryPlus key finder

Until I wasted over an hour looking for my car keys which, it turned out, had slipped down the side of the armchair, I thought that Doro’s MemoryPlus 335 Wireless Object Locator was just for those elderly people who are losing their memory. In fact, I have realised that there are many of us who could well make good use of it – for example where there is only one set of keys for the car that is shared around the family.

The MemoryPlus consists of three key fobs and one credit card size (but thicker) sensors and a remote control size sender with four push-buttons, one for each sensor. The fobs are then each attached to a set of keys that has a habit of getting lost. Similarly the credit card sensor is placed in a handbag or rucksack. Despite what the makers claim for it, this sensor is far too thick to be slipped into a wallet.