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Build-a-bear High School Musical

Build-a-bear is a heart filled present at any time of year

When the High School Musical Build-a-bear arrived in the Gadgetspeak office the editor and I had a short discussion over whether it counted as a gadget. It went like this: I said "Well it's not really a gadget" and our editor, Pete, said "But it's a fantastic product, and we like good products!" So here it is - the Build A Bear review.

I didn't have to go the Build A Bear workshop specially to do a review as my kids have already been several times.  If you have kids under 10 it's a very special experience.  And in fact whenever we've been there we've seen quite a few girls in their 20s putting their heart into their bear too. Build-A-Bear is a truly lovely concept.  There are Build A Bear workshops (stores) all over the country now.