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Belkin Compact 6 socket and Belkin Concealed 8 socket

Belkin Surge Strips

A lot of people think of a surge strip as a gang socket and little more. There is a vast difference as anyone who has had an electrical surge will know to their cost. However until now most surge strips looked like gang sockets even if they sometimes had extras like Ethernet and phone protection, I remember one where a couple of the sockets rotated to allow for power bricks that were above and below the actual plug. Here however are two strips from Belkin that are a totally new design and format.

Belkin Compact 6 socket This unit is an upturned 'T' with three sockets either side of the base this could sit on the floor or a desk or other flat surface and the plugs allow for both above and below plug power bricks of a reasonable size as the actual plugs are mounted mid way. A cable management clip is supplied in the box allowing all the leads to be kept safely together.