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SlimBlade Mouse with Nano Receiver & Ci95m Wireless Mouse with Nano receiver

Kensington Wireless Mouse x2

Not one but two Kensington Wireless mice, both using a tiny Nano receiver that fits almost invisibly into any USB port. The two being looked at are the SlimBlade and then the catchily named Ci95m, both of course are free to move without wires.

The SlimBlade mouse is 9x5.5x2cm the last figure is maximum. It is all back with the exception of a grey surround for the scroll wheel. It weights 70 grams with the supplied two ‘AAA’ batteries inserted. It is just oblong with no curve and the highest point is just behind centre. There are no distinct mouse buttons with the whole front portion of the sides able to be depressed for the mouse actions. This of course means it is suitable for almost any hand size.