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Medion AkoyaNetbook E1210

Medion AkoyaNetbook E1210

Unlike most Medion kit that is sold through Aldi where if you are not queuing on the day they go on sale before the store opens you don’t get one this tiny notebook is one of two currently being sold by Sainsbury’s both online and in their larger stores.

This is the third Netbook I have reviewed both the others (Acer and Asus) were running Linux this however runs Windows XP Home. It is 25.5x17.5x3.5cm and weights only 1130grams. It is totally black apart from the area surrounding the keyboard that is silver/grey. The screen is 22.5x13cm giving the notional diagonal measurement of 10.2inches. The screen resolution runs in 1024x600 but it has a VGA port and runs a second monitor/panel without problems at a higher resolution should it be required.