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Yego EZ Drive 2GB USB Stick

Yego EZ Drive 2GB USB Stick

This device shaped like a letter ‘Y’ is a two port USB hub but – and here’s the difference - it is also a 2GB stick/pen drive, so data can be stored on it from the PC or from the devices you connect to the Yego.

It is 8cm in length a maximum of 4cm wide at the top of the 'Y' and only 1.5cm wide. The one I saw was green and white and with a green LED in the shape of the 'Y' when connected. It has a small connecter in the trough of the 'Y' to allow attaching to a keyring. So a device only slightly larger than a pen/stick drive has a second use as a USB stick. Memory gets smaller and cheaper but here it has a second use.