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Salter EasyView Electronic Scale 9072 & Salter Compact Glass Electronic Scale 9081

Salter Bathroom Scales

If like me you find bathroom scales hard to read then either of these offerings from Salter may well have the answer. The first has a magnified display that stays on for a while once you step off. The second is all glass with large digits.

Unpack, attach the supplied 3x‘AAA’ batteries, attach the rubber foot covers place on the floor, the unit shows 0.0 it will then switch off. Step on it and it will show your weight in the default measure of kilograms. Step off and it will still show the weight for another four seconds giving you ample time to bend down to read the display should it be necessary. It is approximately 28x28x2cm but as the corners are chamfered it could be slightly different to the size stated.