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Kenwood Krups Nespresso Braun Tassimo FrancisFrancis coffee machines nescafe

How would you like your coffee?

Over the last couple of months we've reviewed a number of coffee machines, across a wide price range and with distinct capabilities and characteristics. We're just about coming down from our caffeine high so now is a good time to offer a summary!

First of all a few terms so we're all singing from the same hymn sheet! is the common 'brew' across the machines we reviewed. Think of this as a base coffee from which others are made. Espresso is a short (40ml) strong black coffee. From this base you can add hot frothy milk to make , for example. The machines we reviewed made coffee either from special proprietary 'capsules', such as the system or the Braun Tassimo capsules, from fresh ground coffee or from .