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I Can Cook Scales and Mad Millie Cider Kit both from Lakeland

Small Scales and Cider Kit

The only link these two items have is that they both came from a ‘Christmas In July’ event organised by Lakeland. While they are best known for Catalogues, they also have shops and of course a Website to help you choose.

Scales designed for the young cook, easy to use and small, mine was a orange colour and of course they are easy to clean. The only control is the pop out display and this is also the on/off switch. It runs on two ‘AAA’ batteries (not supplied), these fit into a bay in the base, beside this is a slider switch to determine if the scales show in grams or ounces. The pop out measure is 6x3cm and its display is 3.5x2cm. It has a single line showing the number of grams on the scale.