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Oregon Slimfit 3D Pedometer & Bookbero Wireless Speaker

Oregon Slimfit 3D Pedometer and Bookbero Wireless Speaker

In the past the things I have looked at from Oregon have been medical and or Weather Stations. Here I suppose the first the Slimfit 3DPedometer is medicalish. The second is pure entertainment as it is a Wireless Speaker but you could exercise whilst listening to it.

Exercise and me are not the best of buddies, the nearest I get to a run is a trot the last 50metres to a bus stop or train station if it will avoid a long wait. I do walk a good bit but again not often at a pace that would be deemed 'rapid'. The unit is 5x3.5x1cm without the belt attachment fitted. Unlike a lot of other such units it can count your steps without it being fitted to you your bag or purse will work just as well as it tracks movement in three dimensions.