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Avanquest GSP The Dreamatorium of Dr Magnus

Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus

In the Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus game, you are cast in the role of Sarah Green, a young detective about to embark on her first solo case. She is given the task of solving the mysterious disappearance of a local doctor. This is Dr. Magnus, of the game’s title, who has been acting strangely following the tragic death of his wife and daughter in a car accident.

The  opening sequence of The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus is less than inspiring as a series of static images and printed text introduce you to your character, a victim of some strange dreams that are relevant to the story, and the case that is about to be investigated.  Options are available to adjust the volume level of the background music and sound effects plus play in widescreen or windowed mode.  Two levels of game play difficulty are available.