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Edifer M1380

Edifer M1380

Recently I have reviewed, Wireless speakers, Bluetooth speakers, Wired and Wireless speakers, now a 2.1 speaker set that is totally wired, even the control (I nearly said remote control) is wired so if you like everything wiredÂ….

While Wireless and Bluetooth have their place, if your PC or audio system is static a wired solution is often best and cheaper while it can still give excellent sound quality. The speakers are 12x10x14.5cm at the front, they are near triangular in shape and only 10cm tall and 4cm wide at the back. Each speaker is hardwired to the sub-woofer by a lead of just over two metres in length. The sub woofer is 27x16x9cm and has two connectors on the back, inputs from the left and right speakers.