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Focus Multimedia Match 3 Mega Pack

A Pack of Games

Over the years I have played, and enjoyed, a large number of games that belonged to the Match 3 genre. In the most part, these games took various approaches as they set out to make the playing experience as challenging and enjoyable as possible. Unfortunately sometimes there were exception and this next Match 3 title was one such offering as it failed to engender any semblance of enjoyment when I was checking out the product for this review.

Match 3 Mega Pack, as its titles indicates, brings together a collection of Match 3 titles.  In fact there are eleven games in total.  I almost wrote “eleven different games” but thought better of it. What the title of Match 3 Mega Pack does not make clear is that all the eleven titles making up this collection have all come from the same source.  The development team at Anawili Condento Medino were responsible for all these games.