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Sony PRS-350 E-Book Reader Pocket Edition

Sony eBook Reader Pocket Edition

Unlike the earlier version of this – that I was ashamed to be seen with in public – I have been happy to be seen reading this in public. In case you are wondering why the first one needed to be used in private it was PINK.

The time the Sony Reader, Pocket Edition (PRS-350) is a more normal silver colour. Being a pocket edition the size (or lack of) is important, it is 14x10.5x1cm and it weights 150grams. Being able to use it outdoors during the winter can test several things, the effect of light and tempreture being uppermost in my mind. This is E Ink and as such having a page open uses no power at all, the only drain on power is when you turn a page and the new words need to be reprinted on the screen.