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USB Tiny MP3 Player + micro SD(HC) Card Reader & Waterproof MP3 Player both from Brando

Two MP3 Players from Brando

Not everyone wants - or can afford - an iPod. Here a fairly basic offering that looks rather like a USB stick and second a player for those who can’t bear to be parted from your music even when swimming or taking a bath!

Normally items from Brando come with a manual in Chinese and English. Here only the former, I do not read Chinese. However there is enough information on the website (in good English) for anyone to use this item. It is 7.2x1.6x.6cm the top pulls off and it can be inserted into any USB port, behind the connector is a port for you to insert and micro SD or SD(HC) card and on this you can copy any MP3 music of your choice to play.