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Veho Record Deck (VTT-001)

Veho Record Deck (VTT-001)

This is described as a USB Turntable, the difference from other - more expensive – units recently reviewed is that you are not forced to save in MP3 but other formats are available including .WAV that means your LP’s can be turned into CD’s.

The Veho VTT-001 Record Deck measures 29x27x8cm, which include the overhang at the rear for a USB lead. However as soon as you put a 12inch LP on the turntable the space required is 30x32x8cm. Unlike most solutions this unit also claims to work for 10inch, EP’s, 45’s and even 78’s. I have my doubts about the last mentioned as a diamond stylus on 78’s would soon lead to problems but it does have the speed setting for 78’s.