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Salvation 1

Easy To Fly Helicopter

Items tend to dribble through from the Toy Fair, it is held in January for the trade and items shown are often really aimed at the Christmas sales market which starts in the autumn. This was the only product that came home with me from the Toy Fair. It soon had favour amongst the young and even the not so young. The main difference between this and numerous other mini helicopters is that is easier to fly.

It is described as for '8 & up' but at least one six year old can fly it successfully. As with all these type of products the heaviest thing by far is the controller unit. From the tip of the rotor blade to the back of the unit is 29cm and it is 18cm across the blade, it stands 12cm tall. Mine was black with a clear Perspex cover for the cockpit. No polystyrene is sight unlike most of the lightweight offerings around.