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Krusade - At Last a Truly Original and Iconic Game

Krusade - At Last a Truly Original and Iconic Game

I am so impressed with the Kaleidoscope games. It's fantastic to see a company that has come up with a truly original, high quality and addictive game. The Kaleidoscope games deserve to reach the iconic status of Monopoly and Scrabble, when the other board games inspired by TV programmes and novelty characters are 6 feet under.

Just when I thought that was the perfect game, along came it's big brother - Krusade - a board game for 2-4 players. I liked Kaleidoscope Classic, the original game, so much that it was awarded the Gadgetspeak 5*5 award a few weeks ago. Kaleidoscope Classic In brief, Kaleidoscope Classic is a brainteasing puzzle of 18 pieces which cover 64 squares and can placed in at least 101 ways to give different patterns.