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Samsung PL150 Digital Camera

Samsung PL150 Digital Camera

This is a small – almost dainty – digital camera that will easily fit in a pocket or purse. It is predominately black with certain silvered buttons and a grey band along the top and one side. I would even consider it stylish.

Samsung PL150 digital camera measures 9.5x5.5x2cm and it weights 150grams. The face has the 4.9-24.5mm Samsung Zoom Lens (5x) and the slit flash mounted above and to its right a minimum of 3cm and a maximum of 4cm behind the nearest part of the lens. The base has a tripod anchor point as well as a door that hides the solid battery as well as any SD card you use. The only thing on the left side is writing to say it’s a 12.4MP unit.