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Paragon Hard Disc Manage V14 & You Cam 6

Paragon & You Cam

Two software packages, first one to do backups and even duplicate your hard drive. Second one that works with your Web Cam lots of notebooks and laptops come with version 3.5 which was fun, this however is version 6 that does far more.

A lot of items are now only available via downloads and this is one. While it may still be in the shops only the download is available for review. This version supports Windows 8 and the various tools even appear as separate icons in Windows 8 style when used on a Windows 8 system. It is also able to support the very latest Windows 8.1. I also tested on Windows 7. I am told – although I did not test it – that it supports Server 2012 R2 and VMware’s ESX hypervisor.