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Posted 2 Jan 2006
At 18:40
Orders are not always accepted

On Christmas Day I placed an order on Curry's web site for a fridge freezer, the added bonus for purchasing on Christmas Day was free delivery. Part of the order process was that you enter your postcode it then checks stock and then offers a delivery date. All this went without problem. Next you enter your credit card details. I was sent an email around 40 minutes later listing my order. I know the credit card went okay as the next day I was rung by my card companys Fraud Prevention Unit asking if I had made this purchase.

Late in the afternoon of the 30th over five days after the order was placed I was sent an email by currys canceling the order saying they were out of stock at my distribution centre. I rang them and despite speaking to an assistant and a line manager I got nowhere. The assistant said computer error and that centre probably never had stock, the line manager said problem with the credit card it only went through on Wednesday, I know the latter is untrue and as the same item was still on the front page of the site on Monday and Wednesday - without the free delivery flash - I doubt the latter is true.

My take is that they would rather sell at £19.99 more for items not ordered on Christmas Day.



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Posted 5 Jan 2006
At 21:40
Re: Orders are not always accepted(Reply 1)
Credit cards fraud prevention can be a problem. The most common occurrance I find is:
  • Buy something online
  • Get call from credit card fraud prevention people (the one I have seem to make these calls very frequently)
  • *then* get call from vendor saying there was a problem with the credit card
  • Explain to vendor that it's "fraud Prevention" and all they have to do is represent
  • They do so and bob's your uncle.

Usually happens within an hour or so. I guess on Christmas day there wasn't anyone actually monitoring anything.

Even so - a retailer the size of Currys must be handling hundreds of these requests and it shouldn't be a surprise to them.

They also know when you placed the order.

I'm surprised they refused to honour your order given they seem to have admitted that it was their problem.

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