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Started by
Posted 16 Jul 2004
At 17:38
Unique USB..

Bought a usb vacuum yesterday from for clearing out fag ash from my keyboard, works well, but I'm thinking what the hell next!

  I've seen desktop aquariums, fans and laptop lights all USB powered, my only trouble is that I'm at the stage wher I need a hub that'll support over 20 bits of Usb kit, anyone know of a large USB port at all?

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Posted 16 Jul 2004
At 19:05
Re: Unique USB..(Reply 1)

I've had a Xircom USB hub for a couple of years now - only 8 ports, but it's the most I've seen. My one is only USB 1.1 but I'm sure you can get a USB equiv by now.

You could plug a couple of those into the USB ports on your PC giving you 16 ports - or you can cascade them so plug one into your PC - then the other two into the first hub. That would give you 22 ports.

Bit messy but it'd work.

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