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Posted Feb 7, 2005
At 20:41
Battery chargers
I've got a good collection of Ni-mH rechargeable batteries now which go in anything that needs a AA or AAA device (with the except of things the kids are likelyt to loose in 5 minutes)

My primary reason for using these is that I *think* they cause less environmental damage than disposable - I hate the idea of thousands of little chemical polutants leaking into the environment and rechargeable seems to be the way to go.

It isn't of course that easy. Even suppose the batteries are better on the environment, you need a battery charger - which has an additional environmental overhead. OK that's a one-off, and they aren't too expensive............ are they?

OK - here's my gripe. I'm now on my THIRD charger. The first one (EverReady I think) lasted a good 3 years before dying. Since then I've had TWO UniRoss chargers. The first was their standard recharger, then when that went wrong I got an "Ultra-fast charger". Each has lasted just over a year, which I think is appalling. The ultra fast one cost something like £25, so it wasn't cheap, and I now notice UniRoss are stepping up the cost. Their latest model comes in at £40. They get quite a bit of use, butnot exceessive and lets face it they have a couple of components in the things. They are not rocket science!

So...... am I just unlucky? Has anyone any experience of chargers? Either UniRoss or others? Any one have good tales to tell?  What should I buy next? Thoughts on the combined environmental impact of manufacturing a charger plus batteries versus the old non-rechargeables?

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Posted June 17, 2020
At 8:34
Battery chargers(Reply 9)

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Posted Apr 16, 2023
At 14:58
Battery chargers(Reply 10)

The author presents a thoughtful perspective on the benefits of rechargeable batteries over disposable ones for environmental reasons. However, the article highlights the need for a battery charger and real properties Nassau County the environmental impact of this additional purchase. The author expresses frustration with their experience with battery chargers, which only lasted just over a year. This raises important questions about the overall environmental footprint of rechargeable batteries and their necessary accessories.

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