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Posted June 25, 2008
At 16:19
Dragon NaturallySpeaking
I have a Sony digital voice recorder (ICD-SX78) and need to be able to transcribe seminar recordings etc into text.  I am thinking of buying Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.5 Preferred edition - and i was wondering whether anyone might have some experience of using these together by any miracle, please?  Any advice on whether the version i'm thinking of buying is compatible and up to this?  I didn't get what i needed, unfortunately, when i rang the manufacturer for advice.  Many thanks anyone who might be able to help. 
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Posted Mar 21, 2019
At 17:55
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Posted Mar 27, 2019
At 12:00
Dragon NaturallySpeaking(Reply 4)

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Posted Apr 17, 2019
At 14:41
Dragon NaturallySpeaking(Reply 5)

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Posted Jul 10, 2020
At 10:41
Dragon NaturallySpeaking(Reply 6)

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Posted Oct 6, 2020
At 6:59
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Posted Feb 25, 2023
At 20:06
Dragon NaturallySpeaking(Reply 8)

If you're looking to transcribe seminar recordings into text, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9.5 Preferred Edition is worth considering. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the information I needed when I contacted the manufacturer. real estate prices New Whiteland Has anyone here had any experience using this version with a Sony digital voice recorder (ICD-SX78)? Any advice on compatibility and performance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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