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Posted Jan 1, 2005
At 9:44
Pedometer or Step Counter

I lashed out £3.99 for one of these a few months ago from Millets/Blacks, on my second decent walk I returned minus the pedometer, the terrible clip had come off my belt.


Around a month later a friend told me about the free offer I was told delivery would be on approximately –four weeks- 23/12/04 it arrived on the 22nd.

I went on a 11000 step shopping trip and have done several more over the extended break the substantial clip never moves from my belt. Only trouble is that a friend ordered one yesterday and was told 12weeks. So order early for the summer.

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Posted Feb 7, 2005
At 15:30
Re: Step Counter(Reply 3)

My brother bought me a step counter a couple of years back for Christmas (don't know if he's trying to tell me something!)

Anyway - never did work out how to calibrate it - so it's say in my draw ever since. That was an example of a gadget that was far too complicated for mere humans!

Posted Dec 22, 2018
At 10:15
Pedometer or Step Counter(Reply 4)

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Posted Feb 17, 2019
At 16:23
Essay(Reply 5)

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Posted Mar 18, 2019
At 11:26
Essay(Reply 6)

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Posted Mar 31, 2020
At 3:10
Pedometer or Step Counter(Reply 7)

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Posted Mar 1, 2023
At 18:57
Pedometer or Step Counter(Reply 8)

I recently purchased a pedometer from Millets/Blacks and was disappointed to find that the clip had come off my belt after only my second walk with it. Fortunately, I was told about, which offers the same product for free. After ordering it, I was told that delivery would come in four weeks, but it arrived on the 22nd - a pleasant surprise. I have been using this pedometer on several walks, including an 11000-step shopping trip, and the clip has stayed firmly in place. If you're thinking about ordering one for the summer, it is best to do it early - my friend ordered one yesterday and was told it would take 12 weeks! The Vandals

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