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Started by
Posted Oct 10, 2003
At 9:36
Game-based Learning on PDA's

Has anyone come across some effective examples of (game-based) learning on PDA's, mobile phones or other gadgets? I mean, you might as well use your commuting time (or other time wasters) doing something productive.


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Posted Oct 16, 2003
At 8:32
Game-based Learning on PDA's(Reply 3)
cheers for the input Gid :)

Posted Dec 22, 2018
At 10:14
Game-based Learning on PDA's(Reply 4)

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Posted Apr 2, 2019
At 8:58
Game-based Learning on PDA's(Reply 5)

I used to have a really idealistic view of teachers until my kids started school.  Not all of them are the dusk-til-dawn martyrs we're supposed to believe that they are, and they are not all a bunch of hardworking people toiling away with an idealized dream of molding young minds.

Posted Jul 17, 2019
At 13:34
Essay(Reply 6)

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Posted Aug 7, 2020
At 9:58
Game-based Learning on PDA's(Reply 7)

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Posted Sep 6, 2020
At 11:15
토토(Reply 8)

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