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Posted Nov 7, 2003
At 9:45
All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is a nice rest - but I'm sure the kids will be looking out for lots of new gadgets.  The trouble is being the age I am - I'm not sure what the coolest gadgets for kids are these days.  And it's very easy to end up with a talking fluffy thing that just drives you mad!  Last year we bought our youngest a talking, walking, robot baby.  And even the kids were telling it to be quiet within a few hours.

Anyone got any recommendations for gadget toys which are good value for money, will still be in use by next Christmas and not drive us all mad!!

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Posted Oct 18, 2012
At 3:21
All I want for Christmas(Reply 6)

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Posted Nov 9, 2013
At 12:04
christmas decorations socks(Reply 7)
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Posted Dec 29, 2018
At 3:15
Nice(Reply 8)
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Posted Jan 15, 2019
At 20:07
All I want for Christmas(Reply 9)

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Posted Feb 3, 2020
At 10:50
All I want for Christmas(Reply 10)

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Posted Apr 18, 2023
At 7:29
All I want for Christmas(Reply 11)

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