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Posted Dec 9, 2003
At 22:09
Battery technology improves again

Just brought some 2300mAh AA batteries in John Lewis. Apparently they were new in today. This is a huge improvement over the 1750mAh batteries that were already great. Looking forward to trying them in my portable CD player and camera. They're busy charging right now.

These ones are made by UniRoss - a name I'd never heard of in connection with batteries a couple of years back. Guess Duracel and Ever-ready aren't interested in rechargeables, too big a threat to their sales.

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Posted Feb 5, 2019
At 18:38
Battery technology improves again(Reply 13)

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Posted Apr 4, 2019
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Posted May 11, 2019
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Posted May 18, 2019
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Posted May 21, 2019
At 10:35
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Posted Jul 26, 2022
At 1:57
Battery technology improves again(Reply 18)

We all are living in a world where technology develops more fastly. I am so glad that I can also get all the perks o fit. Is any  CCTV Camera that runs only on a battery charge? If you know then please do share some details. 

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