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Started by
Posted Jan 21, 2004
At 19:18
Wearable computing?
Checkout this website for some very interesting developments, in particular the wearable computing section and how that has developed over the years.

Details here at EyeTap

Thanks Boris for the pointer.
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Posted Dec 29, 2018
At 3:14
Nice(Reply 2)

This is extremely helpful info!! Very good work. Everything is very interesting to learn and easy to understood. Thank you for giving information.
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Posted Apr 15, 2019
At 6:09
The military leadership of the Celestial Empire(Reply 3)

The military leadership of the Celestial Empire issued a service note stating that wearable computing (both "smart" watches and fitness trackers) are a threat to the security of soldiers. At a time when a soldier wears a device, he can record high-definition audio and video, make photographs, transmit and process data, track it down or it can release military secrets. What do you think about it?

Posted Jul 30, 2019
At 5:49
Thank you(Reply 4)

It sounds like fictional movie, thank you for sharing the interesting news.


Posted Mar 3, 2020
At 17:30
aliana(Reply 5)

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Posted Mar 11, 2020
At 15:33
social media marketing(Reply 6)

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Posted Jan 20, 2022
At 12:48
Re: Wearable computing?(Reply 7)

This discussion is really an informative section. Wearable computing introduces the computing paradigm for facilitating science discoveries within a distributed computing environment. post acute care riverside Thanks a lot for sharing these elements. It enables developers to expand their knowledge.

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