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Posted Jan 29, 2004
At 19:10
British Toy Fair
Went along to the British Toy Fair today, which is the industry's showcase of whats coming out over the next year or so.

All i can say is that there were some great gadgets and new technology coming along for people of all ages, young and old.

can't wait to get some of the samples to try out. One sample that was given to me today was so good that i was playing with it on most of the train journey back from London!

Will keep you all posted :-)
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Posted Feb 9, 2019
At 9:49
British Toy Fair(Reply 3)

It sounds so fun. Want to join it next time.

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Posted Apr 4, 2019
At 8:25
uzair awan (Reply 4)

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Posted Apr 23, 2019
At 11:20
British Toy Fair(Reply 5)

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Posted May 15, 2019
At 8:00
uzair awan (Reply 6)

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Posted Feb 9, 2020
At 11:02
Weed(Reply 7)

The discussion on the British Toy Fair here is great for me, and I will share it with my friends. According to Weed News, this fair won't happen this year, and I am a little disappointed to read that. It's not what I wanted.

Posted Feb 22, 2022
At 14:28
British Toy Fair(Reply 8)

This article on the British Toy Fair is interesting to read. Toy Fair is a toy, game, and hobby trade show. Lots of people participate in this show.  Cannabidiol For Pets  Thanks, Donato for sharing your experience at British Toy Fair with us.

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