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Posted Aug 17, 2005
At 11:06
Buffalo Air-Station WYR-G54 update
Since reviewing this product (and as a result of the review) someone kindly wrote in to give me the following link to updated firmware for the router. The link is :

I was a little nervous using this firmware because I couldn't get it (annoyingly) from buffalo and I couldn't work out the relationship between this site and Buffalo (anyone know).

In the end I took a chance and did the upgrade. Be aware: if you upgrade the firmware you loose your configuration, something I hadn't thought about! Back up the configuration using the web-interface before upgrading, then restore the old configuration.

Despite my nervousness the upgraded router does seem more stable. I now have firmware version 1.1, release 24, so something must have changed.

Disclaimer: I'm not suggesting everyone upgrade using this firmware. I'm pretty siure it's unsupported by Buffalo and has probably invalidated my warrenty (haven't checked!). It worked for me :-)

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Posted Oct 18, 2012
At 3:15
Buffalo Air-Station WYR-G54 update(Reply 16)

I just got a chance to do it. I modified the image and update the router's firmware.Replica Handbags And Shoes

Posted Dec 29, 2018
At 3:14
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Posted Feb 27, 2019
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Buffalo Air-Station WYR-G54 update(Reply 18)

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Posted Mar 5, 2019
At 4:33
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Posted Apr 17, 2023
At 5:45
Hello(Reply 20)

The Buffalo Air-Station WYR-G54 update article provides readers with valuable information about firmware that can improve the stability of their router. real estate San Fransico The cautionary note about backing up configuration prior to upgrading is particularly useful. While this firmware may be unsupported by Buffalo and could invalidate a warranty, the benefits of a more stable router may outweigh these risks for some users.

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