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Personal Digital Assistant's (PDA's)
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Started by
Posted 16 Aug 2003
At 20:37

As the proud owner of an O2 PDA I just had to let people know how pleased I am with it.  It is fantastic the way I can automatically synchronise with my laptop and desktop.  It saves me lots of time, means I have access to a vast amount of data, plus music and favourite photographs and books while I'm on the move. 

I love it and highly recommend it.  My only 'area for improvement' with it is the additional battery pack.  Why is it that one of the screws fits perfectly and the other one keeps coming loose?  Any ideas?


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Posted 17 Aug 2003
At 9:59
is it a design "feature"?(Reply 6)

I remember seeing the initial concept over 3 years ago at what was then BT Cellnet, and thought WOW!

It still has some great features, but lacks some attention to detail, like the screws you mention. It would be great if you could use a bluetooth earpeice?

Posted 17 Aug 2003
At 11:07
Beware of assuming Bluetooth means sound!(Reply 3)

Yes - Bluetooth connectivity seems to be missing from many of these convergence devices.  Take the Palm Tungsten W - it ssems that it would be easy to add a Palm Bluetooth SD Card, and BINGO, connection to a Bluetooth-enabled headset - WRONG - the Palm engineers got it wrong!

Which all begs the question - do the design people (and the marketing people, fo rthat matter) ever look at real-life usage of these devices and/or listen to users?

Colin Allison

Posted 18 Aug 2003
At 22:21
missing the obvious?(Reply 4)

to us Colin, it would seem that these companies do often miss what seems to be the obvious.

but than as the old saying goes, "there is nothing as uncommon as common sense"?

Posted 22 Aug 2003
At 13:42
I'd agree(Reply 5)

Common Sense is certainly not common practise.

The other question is, don't some of the big companies ask people what they want or need?  Do they hand them over to people in the field for testing before launching?

Let's hope they visit sites like this one.  Any reps from the big companies that are reading this, I'll be happy to test the gear for you!

Posted 19 Sep 2003
At 12:04
Version 2 out soon...(Reply 1)

The followup device - the XDA II is due out soon and hopefully will fix some of these issues. Some details here:-

The most noticable changes will be:-

  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Built in VGA camera
  • Latest Pocket PC 2003 OS
  • No protruding antenna
  • Increased Battery life

The expected release date is November.

Posted 24 Sep 2003
At 9:57
about time too! version 2 that is(Reply 2)

i'm at O2 later this week, so i'll see if i can get a sneaky peek? ;)

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