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Everything to do with taking pictures and images, whether they be still or video images
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Started by
Posted 3 June 2008
At 8:17
Olympus FE
Sorry looking for the correct model, will add if I find, but its the one thats advertised with the child playing with the dog. The camera is thrown, the dog picks it up, the child then washes it under the tap and puts it back on the table to an oblivious mother. I am looking for a review and hoping that for features and functions its as good, I am actually hoping not to drop it, but have had a son who loves photography drop two.
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Posted 3 June 2008
At 8:25
Olympus FE(Reply 1)
Ok its this one, so i will probably find a review now.
Olympus Mju 725 SW
Posted 3 May 2012
At 7:26
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