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Started by
Posted 29 Dec 2003
At 14:35
Which laptop?

I need to buy a new laptop that will also have to function as an office desktop (with extra keyboard etc) when not on the move, so weight is an important factor, but it must be able to plug into our office network as well as function as a stand alone.  We don't need major graphics or high speed - just a workhorse for MS Office Pro - and all for as little money as possible!   My current Dell Inspiron 7500 has proved very good for 4 years but is just TOO heavy to lug to the States when I travel.  I'm really not a techie, so any advice on makes / models / and likely price would be really helpful please.

Kate B

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Posted 29 Dec 2003
At 16:32
Re: Which laptop?(Reply 1)

I think Dell still offer the best value for money. I recently bought and reviewed an Inspiron 5150 laptop from them (heres the review) - everything about it including build quality is great. That's not the machine for you - it's a heavy desktop replacement, and my arms ache after carrying it a short distance. More luggable than portable!

Might be worth taking a look at the Inspiron 500m though - a lightweight member of the same family at about 2.25Kg, while at the same time having good performance. If you want to go very lightweight then Dell Latitude X series (X300) is 1.32Kg looks interesting, but has a much smaller screen and lower spec processor. That's probably OK if you're mainly going to be using it plugged into a monitor and keyboard at the office (working at home I try to avoid these and move to the most suitable part of the house or garden depending on my mood!)

Before buying the dell I looked at a few other manufacturers - and although my criteria were different to yours - in my case Dell offered the best specs at the lowest prices. I was a little concerned about their support. I'd heard a few horror stories about this from other people - and about their outsourcing support to India and the such like. In the end I had a few problems with my credit card company causing my purchase to be initially declined as part of their anti-fraud policy. Dell support answered the phone quickly - and very quickly worked out what the problem was - and in fact had already sorted this out. The machine also arrived in a much shorter time than they quoted, but this is probably a policy thing!

Posted 30 Dec 2003
At 10:07
Re: Which laptop?(Reply 2)

If you have the money, i would recommend the 15" Apple Powerbook.

Great specification, and has all the connectivity that you need as a desktop with the portability of a laptop. Powerbook details are here.

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